Tips on How to Use Swedish Snus to Quit Smoking

If you are considering using Swedish snus to help you quit smoking, follow these steps:

1. If you are entirely new to Swedish snus, keep from smelling it immediately. Swedish snus does not smell very sweet just as like your usual cigarette, but this is actually a good thing. As days come by, you will eventually get used to the smell, although at first, it will be a bit unique. The best thing to do is to open a can and immediately pop a portion in. Your nose will eventually be able to adjust with the smell and you will eventually love it.

2. Do not run out of snus. If Swedish snus is not readily available in your area and are mainly imported from overseas, do not run out with your stocks. If you have found one that you really like, order more than a can per order that you place. Always keep stocks going so you will not run out of stocks.

3. Join a snus forum. There are a couple of forums out there that talk about snus and how it helped smokers to quit. This is a very good way to interact with other snus users and ask inquiries and find out more about snus. This will also be a great means to get advice from other snus users on other varieties that you may have not tried yet.

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